Baker Donelson Cybersecurity Accelerator Participant Authomate Wins UBS Future of Finance Challenge

(Atlanta, GA / November 17, 2017) Authomate, a participant in the Baker Donelson Cybersecurity Accelerator, has been named a winner in the UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2017, a global competition recognizing innovative solutions for the bank of the future.

The UBS Future of Finance Challenge, which is open to FinTech companies around the world, reviews innovative and potentially disruptive technological ideas and solutions that will support the transformation of the banking industry. Authomate, a provider of a patented, cloud-based identity and access management solution that is accessed via a smartphone application, was named the Americas winner of the UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2017. Authomate was recognized for its StrongPass technology, which shifts the burden of authentication from a human’s memory to their smartphone, allowing enterprises to implement strong security policies that can be easily adopted by humans. Continue reading

Inaugural Atlanta Cyber Week Successfully Unifies Region’s Cybersecurity Community

By Justin Daniels

The success of Atlanta Cyber Week is a testament to what happens when the cyber community speaks with one voice. Thanks to all of our sponsors, partners, influencers and event organizers for helping to market and execute a top-notch series of events that were fun, informative and filled with great networking opportunities. We also appreciate the companies and delegations that visited Atlanta from abroad. It is our desire that you enjoyed your time here and that your trip was a valuable experience. We encourage you to consider Atlanta for your U.S and North American growth and to be part of our cyber ecosystem’s rapid growth. Continue reading

Baker Donelson Adds WitFoo to Cybersecurity Accelerator

The Baker Donelson Cybersecurity Accelerator announces its latest participant with the addition of WitFoo, Inc., a provider of information security solutions for incident responders.

WitFoo is built by cybersecurity professionals desiring to mature the craft of incident response. Through hundreds of hours of user research of investigators and analysts and combining time-tested approaches from law enforcement, WitFoo Precinct was created. Precinct reduces the required labor hours for performing security investigations by more than 90 percent while providing detailed metrics on tools and operations that can effectively drive and validate change. Continue reading

Meet the Atlanta Cyber Week Influencers: Startup RaceIQ on How Blockchain Will Impact the Cybersecurity Community

By James Jones, President of RaceIQ Engineering and Brenda Nguyen, Brand Manager at RaceIQ Engineering

Some of us may have heard of Blockchain when it was first originally devised for the ever so popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin, but now the tech community is finding new ways to implement this technology. Lucky for us, we don’t have to understand how Blockchain works in order to use it. However, having a basic understanding of this new technology will help us understand why it is considered revolutionary and how this will impact the cybersecurity community. Continue reading

Meet the Atlanta Cyber Week Influencers: Metro Atlanta Chamber’s Jorge Fernandez on Atlanta’s Competitive Advantages as a Cyber City

By Jorge Fernandez, Vice President of Global Commerce, Metro Atlanta Chamber

Since we have previously been unable to connect the dots in our global Atlanta cybersecurity story, many foreign companies have not broken through the preconception of success in the U.S. marketplace being linked to a few established gateway cities. Most times, these are markets associated with either a reputation of an ecosystem of industry success or historical national immigration links.

As we travel to foreign markets to tell the Atlanta innovation story, we have invariably confronted the reality that even while attending events featuring our core innovation ecosystem clusters, the marketplace is not aware of all that Atlanta offers. Continue reading

Meeting the Atlanta Cyber Week Influencers: Amida Technology Solutions Cybersecurity Director Josh Linder on Rethinking the Security Stack

By Josh Linder

With cybersecurity vendors now numbering more than 1,000 and worldwide security spending projected to eclipse $93 billion in 2018 (according to Gartner Research), one has to ask, “What are enterprises spending on? And are organizations getting the value they expect?”

According to cybersecurity software innovator Phantom Cyber, spending without reconciliation has become the “security circle of life.” As professionals and executives, we are chasing our tail, believing in the fallacy that solutions, which haven’t missed anything (or at least not much), are doing their job.

In addition, security buyers continue to ask, “If I invest in your technology, what are you going to replace?” Without rethinking the security stack, it is impossible to answer this question. Continue reading

Meet the Atlanta Cyber Week Influencers: PwC’s Kevin Campbell on Cyber Leading the Way in Atlanta’s FinTech Revolution

By Kevin Campbell, Southeast Market Leader for Advisory and Cybersecurity, PwC

As one of the nation’s largest hubs for the financial technology (fintech) industry, Atlanta and the surrounding region have a unique opportunity to play a major role in shaping innovation around payment transactions across traditional and crypto currency. It’s a growing community of educational institutions, talent and innovative companies leading the way to a dramatically different landscape driven entirely by technology. Continue reading

Meet the Atlanta Cyber Week Influencers: Waratek CEO, John K. Adams on Site selection: Where Your Company is Located is No Laughing Matter

By John K. Adams, CEO, Waratek

If you’re a fan of Silicon Valley, HBO’s satirical version of the world of tech start-ups and behemoths, you’re familiar with some of the pains of site selection. In the show, the main character locates his start-up company in a house owned by an investor, turning the living room into a coding bull pen and the garage into a server farm.

Where to put operations are not limited to the fictional start-up Pied Piper, but also in an on-going turf battle between the Founder and Chair and the outsider CEO of a larger competitor. This gets repeatedly played out in conversations about “is it faster to fly to a customer meeting by way of the Chairman’s vacation home or the CEO’s?” Continue reading

Meet the Atlanta Cyber Week Influencers: NexDefense Co-Founder and Board Member Derek Harp on Shopping for Cybersecurity Services

By Derek Harp

Finding the right provider of cybersecurity services requires significant time and effort. The considerations are many, the complexities great and the pressure often tremendous. Large enterprises have dedicated staff to resolve these puzzles, but what are the small and medium-sized businesses to do? With limited or nonexistent staff wholly focused on cybersecurity, business leaders can find that just getting the process started can be quite challenging.

Traditional project management dictates that project requirements be established at inception through an analysis of stakeholder goals, clearly capturing and detailing what the project must accomplish and the problem(s) it must solve. Knowing the cybersecurity concerns of a company, unfortunately, requires knowledge not only of that business, its operations, IT and industrial control systems (ICS); it also calls for an understanding of the constantly-evolving security landscape. Both are necessary to evaluate where the company’s cyber vulnerabilities are and what it will take to eliminate them or otherwise protect them from exploitation. Will a company need security software, appliances, staff or some combination of these? Companies without sufficient expertise internally may have to engage a security consultant before even starting the larger project of resolving the actual security needs. Continue reading

12 Cybersecurity Companies Selected to Participate in CIO/CISO Pitch Session at Baker Donelson’s Cybercon 2017

Baker Donelson today announced that it has selected 12 companies from Canada, Ireland, Israel, United Kingdom and United States to participate in an invitation-only product pitch session during Cybercon 2017, an annual conference focused on the evolving issues affecting cybersecurity and the flagship event of Atlanta Cyber Week. The 12 companies will present their products directly to CISOs and other security professionals from southeastern U.S. companies and governments. After all presentations are completed, the presenting companies will have a private lunch with the CISOs. Additional introductions will be facilitated between presenting companies and CISOs who have indicated an interest in a particular company’s product.

“We once again have an outstanding group of both domestic and foreign cybersecurity companies participating in the Cybercon pitch session,” said Justin Daniels, a Baker Donelson shareholder, who is a co-chair of the Baker Donelson Cybersecurity Accelerator and is leading Atlanta Cyber Week. Continue reading